A grouping of Lolita inspired designers from all over the world organized to sell in the USA!

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Rococo-soul NEWS:

New chiffon Blouse(white/black/Tea color)


Gorgeous blouses! We have these in milk tea, and we will be putting them up for sale shortly~



weekly dress


We are very excited to welcome these dresses from Rococo soul~

~ Rose Letter ~ from White Moon

JSK, Bonnet, Blouse and Gloves



Photoshoot: Parliament & Parliament dress

Lolitas: ibupony &
Dress: The Snow Field’s Moonlight Palace
Photo: rajcso

My dream just come true! >_<



Surprise! My new favorite sub-style is EroLoli. I know it has a bad rep but considering the theme of the tea party I attended this weekend was “Secret Rose Budoir” I could hardly resist trying it out!

The tea party was held in Baltimore so it was quite a trek from New York but completely worth it. Martha Prevensie was the hostess. She and the staff did an amazing job. Many wonderful designers donated prizes and i was lucky enough to win a necklace from the raffle. The tea and food was delciious, tho i do wish there was a bit more to eat.

The attendees all turned out in spectacular fashion and the decor was sumptuous. Unfortunately I did not bring a camera since i was already carrying my coord in a bag along with crafting materials to finish my headdress on the train. However i was able to steal some photos from my friends honeyteaclover (she always takes amazing photos) and Yanise.

I made most of the coord myself. You can see the result is fairly close to my original sketch. The one issue is that chiffon is really difficult to sew and this was my first time so the bodice of the dress isn’t very good. The fabric is a little warped there tho it might snap back into shape with a quick soak and light ironing. By the time i got to the sleeves, i had found a good method which basically eliminated warping.

Overdress: Self-made
Corset: Purchased about 8 years ago.
Cage Skirt: Self-made
Bloomers: Self-made
Accessories: Self-made
Shoes: Offbrand
Stockings: Vintage

I think ero might be an up and coming substyle! Capes are also showing up more. If anyone is interested in commissioning a cage skirt let me know! I will be vending them at Rufflecon.

you looked sooooooo beautiful- and that cage skirt was to die for!


Lion Castle skirt and Country Toile skirt



LIEF - Apple Blossom series at resevation teaparty

I love this fabric :)  Polyester roseskin fabric.
Chiffon and RoseSkin are similar - light, drapable, washable and quick drying, etc…
But RoseSkin is more smooth and soft(feel like touching rose petal), not see-through.


This weekend was the annual megameet hosted by Chigothloli! I made a video of many coordinates~